CFO Investment and Wholesale Bank – Global Bank

  • Our client, a global bank, was undergoing a restructuring following a period of underperformance. The brief was to search for an experienced CFO to manage a large global finance function across the wholesale and corporate bank.
  • The challenge was a client brand that had been negatively affected by underperformance and a general reticence from the candidate population to consider moving to this bank. A significant amount of time was spent on preparation before beginning the search, including creating an Employee Value Proposition specific to this talent pool. We knew that the search would take a little longer because the bank could not afford to compromise on the level of skill and experience required for the role and candidate confidence was critical to succeed.
  • Our brief was narrow and we accessed every possible candidate in the market. We spent considerable time outlining the bank’s new strategy and as a result attracted a strong longlist and then shortlist. The role was accepted by the preferred candidate.
  • We also placed a further three divisional CFOs to manage the finance function of each product line in the UK and EMEA.

Global Chief Information Officer – Global Law Firm

  • Our client was a global law firm with a number of technology challenges. The firm required someone who could develop and build the technology to support the firm’s ambitions. An incumbent in the global role was planning to leave within a year and the firm wanted a six month handover to a newly recruited CIO.
  • Our challenge was to find a candidate who had a combination of professional services, technology and financial services experience as CIO. Diversity was a key issue for the firm as it continued to struggle to promote women to partner. It did not, at that time, have any women on the management team. The firm was also keen to recruit a candidate with some experience in Asia.
  • Given the lack of senior women in technology, we were realistic with our client about the probabilities of meeting diversity ambitions with this particular appointment. There is a clear business case for diversity, but, in this case, the role called for prioritising experience and skill over gender. We applied our research to a broad target market both in and outside of professional services.
  • Our client appointed a woman candidate who had worked as partner in a management consultancy to the role and within six months, she had global responsibility for the technology function in the firm and has rolled out significant changes since she started with the firm.

CFO and COO – Private Equity Funded FinTech Company

  • Our client was a private equity company which had just invested in a technology business that had expanded in the US, UK, Europe and Israel. A new CEO had been recruited to work with the founder and he needed to build a strong management team to grow the business before its next fundraising or exit.
  • The challenge was to find a COO and CFO who could lead a high growth business to its next stage. Some experience of working in a venture capital funded business was preferred.
  • We compiled a creative list of target organisations and geographies. Our client requested that we include a number of candidates from its investor’s network in the assessment phase. In the end we recruited a strong COO and CFO, previously unknown to our client and the venture capital investor. The business was sold within a year for a very high multiple.