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Consulting services

We are passionate about working with businesses to solve their people-related issues. Our consulting services include:

  • Benchmarking talent and remuneration
  • Competitor and market analysis and mapping
  • Diversity
    • Women on Board:
      The business case for diverse management teams and boards is evident: companies with diverse boards perform better. Obstacles to achieving diversity include availability of candidates, an insufficient pipeline of developing talent and cultural hurdles.
      – We work with businesses to identify talented, skilled and experienced business women
      – We track high potential women in the broader market on an ongoing basis
      – We help companies build diverse boards by conducting board evaluations and providing diverse appointees
    • Diversity has a broader definition that includes, but is not limited to gender diversity. We also acknowledge that innovation and enterprise is improved when boards and teams include candidates from diverse backgrounds. We strive to provide clients with the best advice regarding building competitive teams.